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Our Business

Powell Valley Stone was founded in 1978 and to this day we still strive to provide a large variety of stone to our customers at a fair and affordable price.


We at Powell Valley Stone are also a part of the same community as our customers and we aren't quick to forget that. We are proud to serve your crushed stone needs right here in our community.

Small Business

While this area may not have prospered greatly in recent years, it is still our home and we are very proud to count ourselves among one of the countless small businesses that are keeping our local economy going. Small businesses have played a major role in our local economies as of late, and we hope you'll come to ours when you're in need.

Family Owned

As Powell Valley Stone is family owned and operated, we hope to always maintain a friendly yet professional demeanor in all that we do. All of our customers matter to us and we are honored to serve you all.

Our Products

We offer various different grades of stone, from large scale rip rap down to dust. You can pick up here on site and we also deliver to Lee, Scott, and parts of Wise county.

Crusher Run Stone

Crusher Run


1 inch to dust

Pea Gravels

Pea Gravel


1/2 inch stone

Small Driveway Gravel

Small/Med Gravel


1/2 to 1 inch stone

Driveway Gravel

Medium Gravel


1 inch stone

Thick Gravel

Med/Large Gravel


1 1/2 to 2 inch stone

Thick Driveway Gravel

Large Gravel


4 inch stone

Pug Mill Mixed Stone

Pug Mill


Contact for details

Pug Mill Asphalt

Pug Mill


Contact for details

Rip Rap Class 1

Rip Rap

Class 1

6 to 18 inch stone

Rip Rap Class 2

Rip Rap

Class 2

Available upon request

Rip Rap Class 3

Rip Rap

Class 3

Available upon request

Stone Dust

Stone Dust


Fine stone dust


Use the below tonnage calculator to gain rough estimates on what you may need by entering the desired length width and depth for a rectangular area,
or the radius and depth for a cirular area.

*Please note that these estimates may vary with different grades and types of stone
*If specific product estimates are needed please consult an independent contractor

Contact Us

  43115 Wilderness Road
Pennington Gap, VA 24277

  (276) 546-2550

(276) 318-0234